EAST COAST/MIDWEST: Dixie girl needs a home and can be transported! She is lean 28 pound golden colored #terrier mix who was originally brought into Miami Dade Animal Services as a stray in January. She is a very kissy-licky girl who will greatly benefit from routine and consistency and she is desperately seeking a role model to love her. PLEASE SHARE!! Dixie will excel with positivity and a human who can love her for all of her years to come. We doubt Dixie has ever had a loving “leader,” and it’s never too late to start! At 5 years young, Dixie certainly has the potential of a long life in front of her and we hope she can find a forever home soon where she can quickly build a lasting and trusting relationship with her owner. Dixie loves to go on walks to sniff the world and she would do beautifully learning how to relax while walking on the leash. It’s doubtful anyone has spoiled her by devoting the time to give her such attention. Dixie has been able to get along with with other dogs who are her size or bigger. And as always, a slow introduction at the beginning is recommended. Dixie has a strong prey drive and cannot live with little critters (cats, rabbits, squirrels, small dogs, etc). It’s best to steer clear of them out in the world as they are way to tempting! Although it’s not required, Dixie’s ideal home would include a yard with a fence where she can chase after those pesky squirrels to her heart’s content. When inside, Dixie likes human attention (she will lick, lick, lick you for it!) but is able to enjoy relaxing on her bed or the floor near you. She has exhibited behavior of sleeping in a crate through the night with no problems (she may whine for a few minutes, but quickly becomes silent and snoozes through the night). Although it’s not known for sure, Dixie may have had a male figure in her life who did not treat her well. She responds best to gentle, calm males. She will quickly warm up to them when she realizes they will not hurt her nor be mean to her. She is perfectly fine with women. Dixie can be transported to a loving home anywhere from East Coast-Midwest. To #adopt Dixie, email christina@ishine365.com or text 786.357.1249 ❤️

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